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About Mono County Weekly

When the pandemic first hit, I found myself unemployed and lookin goer up-to-date public health information that I could not find, so I hurled myself into local COVID-19 reporting a public service. Since first publishing in March, readership has increased tenfold. My reporting has been cited in The New Yorker, republished in High Country News and the Adventure Journal and received more pageviews than the population of the community.

About Monica

Monica Prelle is longtime Mammoth resident and an independent journalist currently reporting on COVID-19 in Mono County, California. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Harvard University, a certificate in editing from UC Berkley and a bachelor’s degree in journalism from USC. In 2018 she was a visiting journalism professor at Northern Michigan University.

Monica’s writing has appeared in Adventure Journal, Backpacker, Bicycling, Climbing, The Guardian, High Country News, Outside , Runner’s World, Sierra, SKI, and VICE Sports among others. In 2019 she was awarded Best Magazine Writing and Best Online Writing from the Outdoor Writers Association of California. You can contact Monica here.